Streaming Rock

I’m always on the lookout for streaming radio stations that play 80s/90s harder rock (not necessarily metal, but definitely harder-edged rock).

The old KLOL-101 played a lot of what I’m talking about before it flipped formats. I honestly can’t say if KIOL plays that kind of stuff or not, as I can’t get a good signal in the parts of town I’m in most of the time (central Houston and Galleria) and they didn’t have a net stream last time

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The Dems’ Long Summer

Senate approves bill protecting gun businesses (Carl Hulse, NY Times)

The Senate agreed to shield gun manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits on Friday, as Congress broke for a monthlong recess after sending President Bush energy and transportation bills that had been years in the making.

Long sought by the gun lobby, the Senate measure – approved 65 to 31 – would prohibit lawsuits against gun makers and distributors for misuse of their products during the commission of

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Rolling Back The Progressive Administrative/Redistributive State

What kind of justice will we get? (Charles Krauthammer, Town Hall)

In the absence of a record, there has been a search for scraps, such as a five-paragraph dissent on the case of the arroyo toad. It’s a federalism case in which Roberts dissented from the opinion that the Endangered Species Act allows the federal government to prohibit a developer from putting up a fence that would impede the movements of said toad.


This is a thin

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Why You Should Never Fully Trust Offseason BS

Allen misses first practice; Burnett signs (Matt Mosley, Dallas Morning News)

<blockquote)Cowboys veteran left guard Larry Allen failed a conditioning test Friday and was not in uniform for the first practice of training camp Saturday morning.

As practice begain at 9 a.m., Allen stood alone in shorts and a T-shirt on a vacant practice field as his teammates went through drills.

He was the only player who failed the conditioning test according to club officials.

Allen, whom coaches had

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