Capping Off A Fun Week

It’s been a good week.

Thanks to a new SR VP, work seems a whole lot less silly all of a sudden.

A segment of the Houston-area Coven had a secret beer gathering. All talk of a new site is just cover for our REAL agenda — that’s right, we were plotting some volunteer blockwalking.

Our friends on the left are very sad because KOS favorite Richard Morrison has left the race.

Chris Bell still can’t manage to take

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Chron tech guru Dwight Silverman has gone off to be briefed by Microsoft on Longhorn, the next version of Windows.

He’s been blogging about the new OS on his techblog.

From the sounds of things, Microsoft is going to give us all sorts of pretty new stuff and all sorts of new bloat — and, of course, the bloatware is going to require plenty of horsepower to run.

Now, maybe it’s going to be worth having. Maybe

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