Moving Day

Moving day comes bright and early Friday morning.

Actually, some moving of small stuff has already started, but the movers come in the morning to do the big stuff.

I’m likely to be without internet until Saturday, which is when Time Warner is scheduled. We’ll see how that goes.

See ya’ll on the other

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Moving Countdown

The weekend packing got slowed down a bit by Kiwi’s trip to the vet (she seems fine now), so what’s the solution?

That’s right — move up the movers to Friday instead of Saturday!

Nothing like a little deadline to keep things hopping.

I don’t think Callie believes it, but there IS a method to the madness. Really….

Just not much blogging to be done between now and the move, most

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Packing Time

So, the big move is supposed to take place next weekend.

Amount of stuff packed at the moment?


Amount of stuff intended to be packed by the end of the weekend?

About 90% of it.

I just made a trip to Anchor Box to get geared up for it. That place just rocks. If you ever need to pack anything — for moving, shipping, whatever — that’s the place to go in Houston. Awesome service, good prices, amazing

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Once The Mis-Leader, Always The Mis-Leader

Back in the day, some college friends and I regularly took blasts at the Springfield, MO newspaper (which we called the Mis-Leader back then) in a little underground student paper.

Somewhere between 15 and 20 years later, I have a Houston-centric weblog that has managed to crack on the Mis-Leader.

Three or four readers here ought to be amused by

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Reader Participation Time

I’m getting tired of this little blog in its current configuration.

I’m not sure any more if it’s a personal blog, or a sports blog, or a media blog, or a Danger Train blog or what.

Margaritas with Laurence last week got me thinking that maybe it’s time to think about a new domain name and a redesign and who knows what — maybe even a domain with room for some other bloggers or just plain goofy content.


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