Oh Those Neocons

Readers of various blogs where I’ve posted know that I’ve long thought the term “neoconservative” really has been robbed of any historical meaning. It’s effectively been turned into a pejorative term for people on the Left and Right to describe Republicans they don’t like very much.

The latest in a growing line of such buffoonery regarding “neoconservatism” appears in the New York Times this weekend.

An essay reviewing two recent books in the anti-neocon genre from the most

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Publius Fellowship Time

The PowerLine crew reminds me it’s time to plug the Claremont Institute’s Publius Fellowship Program.

Every summer, the institute brings out a select number of students (college, grad) who are interested in political philosophy and writing about politics.

They provide intensive seminars in writing and political philosophy (with particular emphasis on American political thought from a West Coast Straussian/Jaffa-esque perspective), and there will be notable guest lecturers. The orientation is conservative, but I would not call it ideological.

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The Parcells Show

Steve Casburn forwarded me this SI.com article by Jeffri Chadiha on Bill Parcells.

I don’t know that things in Big D with Big Bill are all that dire.

I mean, things are always dire at Valley Ranch when the team is not competitive, and last year’s team was not competitive. Hell, sometimes things are dire when the team IS competitive (see 1990s, Jimmuh and Jerruh). But in today’s NFL, team fortunes can be turned around with one good

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On Second (And Third) Thought…

Further to the brief commentary on Kottke’s new direction….

Look, I had the BEST life when I first moved to Houston for grad school.

I read exciting books about American political thought.

I hung out with stimulating friends and talked about everything from Ayn Rand to the religiosity of the Founding to backpacking.

I ran around cool dive bars and coffeeshops in Montrose.

It rocked.

If ya’ll want to start a donation drive to let me quit my

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