No, Stupefy Me

The following snippet made me laugh out loud:

After an extended Christmas vacation in New Jersey (where it did not snow until Sunday night despite snow in Houston!), I will bring everyone up to speed on the status of my confusion and misunderstanding.

Here at, I strive to keep everyone fully up to speed on the status of my own confusion and misunderstanding.

No teasers. Just confusion and misunderstanding in regular

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Fan Emails

I’m taking a brief break from New Year’s Eve alcohol consumption at local bars (next stop: the West Alabama Icehouse), and stopped in to check the ol’ email.

I have blogHOUSTON set up so that folks can send me anonymous comments, and I got this charmer earlier:


The moron included his email address for some strange reason, so the immediate response was:

better than being a vagina, I guess

happy new year!

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Oh My!

Michael Duff points to this rocking little post on Steven Den Beste’s prolonged period of angst regarding his blog and its readers.

I won’t spoil the Den Beste specific stuff with excerpts (it should be read in its entirety), but this observation is kind of fun:

Amidst all their excesses, weblogs have had a salutary effect on the national debate, one part of which has been to focus a very critical eye on the largely useless professional

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Bipolar Bohls

Longtime Austin American Statesman sports columnist Kirk Bohls must be bipolar.

Sometimes, he’s the biggest homer you could imagine, and it’s like Mack Brown is his dad or something.

Other times, it seems like Mack and crew took a dump on his pet rock.

Today, we get a column that has a little of both:

Mack was already the third-highest paid college football coach in the country behind Louisiana State’s Nick Saban and Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops. And now

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