Foolish Words

When Dave Maggard was hired as UH athletics director, he made the statement that he never wanted UH to lose to Rice at anything, ever.

In the major sports so far this season, UH has lost to Rice at football and men’s basketball (tonight, by one point). And going back further, it hasn’t really gone all that well.

Way to raise the expectations, David!

Maybe UH’s new motto needs to be, we’ll have no excuses for losing to

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Big Government And Big Legislation

Reason‘s Julian Sanchez has an interesting take related to a provision in a recent omnibus appropriations bill that got some bloggers overly excited recently:

To some extent, the problem is a pure function of the state’s size. The larger a government becomes, the more it presumes to dabble in economic minutiae, as F.A. Hayek famously argued, the more policy will come to steered by an unaccountable few, as the inherent complexity of the subjects of legislation immunize them

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Sherry Sylvester Moves To State GOP

The Austin Chronicle reports that Sherry Sylvester has accepted a job as communications director for the Texas GOP:

Sherry Sylvester made it official this week. The former San Antonio Express-News reporter, who has spent the last couple of years online impersonating a “non-partisan Texas media monitoring project” called Texas Media Watch (underwritten by the right-wing Lone Star Foundation), has accepted the job of communications director for the Texas Republican Party. Accepting the appointment from party Chair Tina Benkiser,

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 13

It’s time for the final, regular-season Big 12 Wrap, a day late because of a little stomach bug that decided to take me out yesterday.

Anyway, it’s been another fun Big 12 season. The North was much worse than I would have anticipated, but the South was somewhat better than I anticipated. I enjoyed it, and I have to say, I enjoy these little blurbs I write each week (even though I wonder at the start of each season whether

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We’re back in Houston after a great Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma.

We got back in time to take in the second home game for Tom Penders, a resounding 95-52 effort against Grambling. It was another stifling defensive performance, but this time the shots were also falling for the Coogs. The competition will get much tougher, of course, in C-USA, but for a place that hasn’t had decent basketball in more than a decade, it’s definitely a good start.


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