Big 12 Wrap: Week 9

Halloween weekend brought nasty surprises for many teams in the Top 25, and a few surprises for Big 12 teams as well. Here’s the wrap of a weird weekend of football:

Oklahoma 38, Oklahoma State 35
Donovan Woods looked like one of the worst passers in the Big 12 in the first half, but his team only trailed 21-14 thanks to two gift-wrapped touchdowns from the Oklahoma special teams, which are starting to resemble John Blake’s old units.

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My Sooners were very lucky to escape Oklahoma State today.

Between the penalties and giving away 14 points on special teams, they did their best impersonation of John Blake’s teams.

I would say the secondary getting torched constantly for deep passes surprised me, but Les Miles seems to be able to do that to Oklahoma. I wasn’t surprised, but it did leave me shaking my head.

Bedlam indeed.

Adrian Peterson was certainly the difference in this one. Again. How many

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Halloween Photos

Callie and I rounded up pumpkins to decorate earlier.

I HATE political yard signs, so we thought we’d make a political statement in a slightly different way:

Bush-Cheney 04

It’s amazing what a little Canon A70 digital camera (and some serious tweaking of aperture and exposure settings) will do when paired with a tripod.

Down the street, some neighbors put out the following (unintentionally) hilarious display:

Lurch 04

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Those Brits

The Times of London has a speculative article about a potential Kerry cabinet.

I found this sentence hilarious:

Given the reputation of senators as windbags with large egos and an argumentative manner, Mr Kerry, a senator himself, may be reluctant to have former senators at President, Vice-President (John Edwards, his running mate), Secretary of State, Secretary of Defence and Director of Central Intelligence.

Senators as windbags with large egos and an argumentative manner!

Whatever your partisan preferences,

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Chris Harmon on Al Qaeda

Orrin Judd found an old (May 2004) article by Chris Harmon, entitled How Al Qaeda May End.

It caught my eye because Harmon’s a terrorism expert who went to grad school with my boss, and who studied under one of my mentors in international politics, a little-known professor of strategy by the name of Harold Rood. Not to mention he’s an awfully nice guy.

Last time Harmon was in town, it was well before 9-11, and we spent

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