Staff Restructurings and Layoffs at the Chronicle

The Chronicle buried the following ominous information in the “Around the Region” column of its Business section today:

The Houston Chronicle is undertaking a restructuring that will include both the creation of new niche products — in the newspaper and as separate publications — as well as reductions in operating expenses, including the elimination of staff positions.

“We are working hard to adjust the cost side of our business,” said Chronicle Publisher and President Jack Sweeney. “We will

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Danger Train: Collision Update

Thanks to the work of Tom Bazan, John Gaver has posted an updated figure for Danger Train crashes. It’s now up to 65, with two crashes that were unreported by local media.

From Bazan’s earlier Open Records request, Gaver determined that several accidents in the Metro database had gone unreported by local media (and several accidents reported by local media and documented by Gaver that were not in Metro’s own database).

Metro apparently now counts what it had earlier

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