Are There Any Comical Editors With Any Sense?

The Comical‘s editorial (mis)judgment can, at times, just boggle the mind.

The latest, maybe greatest, example is this “Viewpoints” piece by Kathryn Prymmer with the following headline:

Face to angry face with personal politics of fear: Kerry sticker sets off driver, emboldening voter

Miss Prymmer claims to have had a bad experience with a vocal anti-Kerry driver who was rude to her in a parking lot, and recounts the incident in great detail:

I WAS recently out doing

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Other Voices? Not Really

Anne Linehan has made an interesting point about the Comical‘s new “Other Voices” feature: It’s really not an “other voice” if it just repeats the viewpoint already espoused by the Comical editorial board.

Maybe a better name for the thing would be, “Repetitive Voices” or “Echoes.”

Or maybe they could ask MeMo to come up with a suitable

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Ringwalds Tonight

We haven’t been to see Molly and the Ringwalds in ages.

Probably since around the start of college baseball season.

We’ve had a few false starts since then, but are determined to get out tonight to see what the Ringwalds are up to.

It’s been a long couple of weeks, and a bit of FUN is in order. The Ringwalds always deliver.

And since the Danger Train runs right by the Continental Club, you never know if a fun

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