Booby Protest!

Apparently, a breast-feeding mother was offended recently at the Galleria when security personnel asked her to put her tit away, and is making a big damn deal about it:

It was a laid-back day at the mall for Julie Doyle and her son. Like other Galleria shoppers on a Sunday afternoon, four-month old Will got hungry.

So Doyle fed him, sitting on a mall bench.

Julie Doyle was nursing her son, Will, when a Galleria security guard confronted

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Rent-A-Beltran For How Long

Here’s some interesting speculation from Albert Chen:

In Houston, Brad Lidge probably will turn out to be a better closer than Dotel (he’s got better stuff, and as a prospect in the minors, Lidge actually was more highly regarded than Roy Oswalt). But by getting rid of Dotel, eighth innings in Houston, formerly a sure thing with Lidge, will now be an adventure. Which leads to the ridiculous prediction of the day: In a month, the Astros

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It’s Finally Done

Steve Francis is gone, and so is Kelvin Cato’s ridiculous contract. Cuttino Mobley is gone also.

T-Mac, Juwan Howard, Tyronne Lue, and Reece Gaines come to the Rockets.

This should be a good deal for everyone concerned.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Jeff Van Gundy makes the new pieces work. I imagine he’s not quite done tinkering with the lineup yet,

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Lots of Geekery Tonight

I got my new t-mobile phone and service yesterday, and have put it through its paces a bit today.

I’ve been playing with bluetooth on my tired old laptop, and managed to connect using the phone’s blueooth to the t-mobile data network.

I couldn’t figure out how to connect using THEIR internet connection software, but I did manage to get Win XP, the Bluetooth software, and Sony Ericsson’s software all to create me a nice connection to the data network.

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Remember when some Barry Switzer defenders used to write that it wasn’t his fault a fine collection of talent couldn’t win any football games in Dallas, it was the players’ fault?

You Houstonians probably don’t, because most of you don’t care about the Cowboys.

But I do. And it was always worth a yawn.

Likewise, when Comical mediocrity Richard Justice writes similarly about Astros manager Jimy Williams, it makes me think two things:

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