New Feeds

With the recent upgrade to the weblog software here, I’ve added a couple of new syndication feeds that are now available.

On the right sidebar towards the bottom under the ASSORTED heading, please note new buttons and links for RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds (to go with the old RSS 0.91 feed).

They’re just the stock skins from Nucleus 2.5 CVS, so I hope nothing is screwed up. They do seem to validate, and validation pleases us.

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Sooner Schedule Upgrade

My Sooners have finally managed to cut a deal with Oregon that puts them on the football schedule this fall, and gets rid of Division I-AA Florida A&M.

That completes a significant upgrade pulled off at the last minute, in which Joe Castiglione also replaced Arkansas State with UH, and should ensure that as long as they win, Oklahoma will enjoy the same strength of schedule boost in the BCS as they have in recent years. It may even

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The Comical And Saint Calvin

Is the Comical‘s Calvin Murphy coverage going to be a repeat of their embarrassing Enron coverage?

Check out sports columnist John Lopez in today’s paper:

When he was pushed out as a Rockets broadcaster by management in 1993, we rallied around this 5-9 giant and demanded he be allowed back behind the microphone. He was.

When he dared to say that marching and twirling — activities that were more foreign to us than ice fishing — could

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Houston’s Pension Controversy: Part 6

The last post on this topic focused on who knew what and when about the explosion of the unfunded liability in Houston’s municipal employees pension fund, and promised a future post on what should be done about the problem.

That post was a bit of a tease.

I’m not an actuary. I don’t claim to have any special expertise in municipal finance. I don’t have a staff to research financing alternatives.

In short, I have no qualifications to

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