More Of Lee Brown’s Legacy: A Billion Dollar Hole For Houston

Let me repeat what I said during the last campaign for mayor: after six years of Lee Pothole Brown, I cannot imagine why anybody would want to be mayor of this city.

The story on the city’s underfunded pension plan was hinted at in Kuffner’s comments a few days ago, and now the Comical has run the story:

The city of Houston’s main pension program has a billion-dollar funding shortfall because benefits have been boosted so high that

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There He Goes Again

Longhorn fans should worry:

Texas coach Mack Brown’s recruiting skills are well documented, but Brown’s on-field coaching acumen, particularly as an offensive strategist, is less publicized.

Wanting to get back to an aspect of the game on which he developed his coaching chops, Brown plans to become more involved in UT’s offensive game plan next season, even stepping in for offensive coordinator Greg Davis to call plays when he thinks it is warranted.

Brown coached wide receivers his first

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Friend and occasional guest blogger Dave sends along this article from Editor & Publisher about Lyle Lovett’s j-school days:

Asked about choosing songwriting over reporting, he said: “As a songwriter, I’m not obligated to tell the truth. I’m not obligated to make as much sense as I would have to if I were a journalist.”

Hell, he makes a lot more sense than some practicing journalists!

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The Rick Perry Homosexual Rumor

This must be a very disappointing bit of news to liberals who hate Governor Perry (and his hair, but mainly his conservatism):

On Tuesday morning, a small group of protesters (almost outnumbered by reporters and photographers) gathered at the Governor’s Mansion for what was disingenuously billed as a “support rally” for Gov. Rick Perry, under the theme, “It’s OK to Be Gay.” As any Austinite with access to e-mail or a cell phone knows by now, for a couple

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