More Non-Super Bowl Stuff For Locals

Here’s some more alt-country alternatives for locals who hope to avoid the “official” Super Bowl events tonight:

  • The Great Divide (Firehouse Saloon)
  • The Gourds (Continental Club)
  • Jimmy LaFave (Mucky Duck)
  • Carolyn Wonderland (Dan Electro’s)
  • Asylum Street Spankers (Rudyards, CD/DVD release, no-smoking by request)

I’m heading to Gruene for an afternoon show and hope to make it back in time for The (new) Great Divide at the

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Mayor Pothole’s Legacy

Mayor White is discovering that former Mayor Pothole indeed left a legacy beyond potholes, trash, and graffiti:

Acting Police Chief Joe Breshears on Friday attacked a review panel’s ruling that forced the Houston Police Department to reinstate a DNA analyst despite a decision to fire her because of her discredited work in a rape case.

Mayor Bill White said later that he does not want to see the analyst, Christy Kim, a 21-year veteran of the city’s troubled crime

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Non-Super Bowl Stuff For Locals

For locals who want to avoid the official Super Bowl events around town, here are some possible alt-country/Americana alternatives tonight:

  • Stone Coyotes (Sidecar Pub)
  • Wade Bowen and West 84 (Firehouse Saloon)
  • Reckless Kelly (Continental Club, sans all of the people from the Super Bowl tent)
  • Micky and the Motorcars (Blanco’s)
  • Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown (Mucky Duck)

I’m not doing any of those shows, but I am planning on catching Molly and the Ringwalds at the Continental Club (7-10)

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Wishing Simmons A Successful Suicide

Houston’s not New Orleans.

Houston’s not San Diego.

Fine. We locals are down with that. Never claimed any differently.

But for all its limitations as a tourist town, it’s a great place to live. GREAT.

Which is why I’m getting sick of whining like this from Bill Simmons:

Friday is looking like one of the nicer days of the week here: Gloomy skies, heavy fog, basically the kind of weather that makes you contemplate suicide.

I like Simmons, but

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METRO’s Dangerous Rail Line

For everyone who thinks the METRO rail/traffic accidents are completely the fault of incompetent drivers, here’s a little reporting to the contrary (via email from Callie):

Speaking of trains, my mom just picked me up after leaving my car at goodyear for them to do some work on it. We were on fannin, about to turn right onto blodgett to enter 59 (by the way, the damn spur construction is going to cause that entrance ramp to be removed) and

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