Williams On Bill White

John Williams has done a little more digging on Bill White’s business record, and discovers White has been somewhat selective in promoting himself.

Hardly a shocker in a campaign.

Still, candidate White doesn’t especially like to talk about Frontera Resources, the one business he actually started on his own (and didn’t have handed to him) — and that’s has been a miserable failure.

White has run a fine campaign and spent a record amount. But surely not

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More Horned Whiny Babies

The GMAC Bowl extended an official invitation to the TCU Horned Whiny Babies yesterday, after their pitiful showing against SMU.

TCU says they’ll get back to the bowl, and Gil LeBreton is doing some more whining on their behalf in the Star-Telegram today.

LeBreton and the Horned Whiny Babies are both losers. You join a conference, you agree to their bowl tie-ins, good and bad. You don’t get to pick and choose what you’d rather do. There’s

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It looks like elite prep quarterbacks are starting to figure out that Mack Brown’s program isn’t exactly the best place for a quarterback to be:

Just 10 months ago, on signing day, Texas coach Mack Brown defended his decision to not sign a quarterback with the 2003 recruiting class.

He said there wasn’t an elite quarterback in the state to sign. And if all went well, they’d sign two this year.

But things did not go well. Not well

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Solich Booted

Nebraska pulled the trigger and fired Frank Solich.

I have to say that I’m very pleased Arizona finally got their deal done with Mike Stoops. The thought of the Sooners having to face him as head coach of Nebraska every two years (or more often if you figure in the Big 12 championship game) was not a happy thought at all.

The Huskers obviously needed to do something. Solich has turned that national championship caliber program into a bunch

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Coogs Finish At 7-5

It’s always a good day when Mack Brown loses.

But since Texas wasn’t playing yesterday, I’ll settle for a loss from his brother Watson Brown, head coach at UAB.

Art Briles and the Houston Cougars had a crisp offensive performance and didn’t give up many big plays on defense as they manhandled UAB, 56-28.

With the win, the Coogs move to 7-5 and should now be a lock for a bowl game — in the first season for

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