Go Coogs!

I almost forgot to mention — the Houston Cougars are playing a weird C-USA Tuesday night game against East Carolina on ESPN 2.

If you want to see some funky offense, ESPN 2 is the place

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Advice For Criminal Lawyers

Just a friendly bit of advice to you criminal lawyers out there:

If you have a cocaine habit and are appearing in court, be careful that your drugs don’t fall out of your coat in plain view of officers of the court.

Indeed, perhaps it’s a good idea to leave the white stuff at home.

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Reggie Swinton Traded

There have been reports for a few days that the Dallas Cowboys were dangling kickoff/punt returner Reggie Swinton, and today Green Bay took the bait. If he plays a set amount, the Cowboys will receive a seventh round draft pick.

This one was hardly surprising from the Cowboys end. Swinton barely made the team, and he’s been inactive the past couple of games, replaced by a talented rookie.

The only real surprise is why Green Bay would trade anything

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One Of The Benefits Of Working At Home

One of the odd benefits of working at home today is that I got a call that Callie’s mom was going to be speaking to City Council today about the coming Spur 527 reconstruction/traffic mitigation project mess.

I’m sitting here watching her at the moment on the public access channel.

For a big city, Houston can be a small place sometimes.

(Update) For those who are still (blissfully) unaware, this reconstruction will send 4,000 cars per hour down skinny

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