I Hate Liars

A week ago, I emailed the folks at the Cowboys Radio Network website and asked why Cowboys games are not being carried in the Houston market this year, and got this response:

There are unfortunate circumstances, mainly legal, that will not allow us to carry the Cowboys in Houston this year. We would love nothing more than to deliver our broadcast to our biggest market. Please be sure that this is outside the realm of our control, but

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Briles Wins Debut

Looks like it was a good debut for Art Briles as head coach of UH last night, as they destroyed Rice 48-14.

Arguably, it should not be surprising that a large state university beat Rice at football, but such are the depths to which the UH program has sunk over the last decade.

And despite the dearth of talent at Rice, they are a well coached football team. Ken Hatfield gets about everything he can out of his players

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Caitlin Cary At The Mucky Duck

Caitlin CaryI wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Caitlin Cary show at the Mucky Duck.

I’ve really gotten into her two studio CDs the past couple of weeks. She’s one of those rare types who’s a great vocalist, writes fine songs, and has a surprising knack for arrangement (surprising in the sense that she doesn’t play guitar or keyboards).

Being able to put it together in the studio doesn’t always translate into

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Close, But Typically Stupid

I was flipping the channels to see how many have college football on, when I ran across Mayor Pothole on public access. I stayed for about 30 seconds, and got this from him:

Do Unto Others As You Would Do Unto Yourself.

Err, sorry Mayor Pothole, but that’s not quite the Golden Rule.

Close, but typically stupid.

That could be the motto for your administration,

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