Boomer Sooner

Boomer Sooner!The ESPN/USA Today coaches poll has OU ranked #1 to start the college football season.

I think they’re a definite Top 5 team, and they might be #1 by the end of the year, but it strikes me that a team that lost so much at QB and RB and doesn’t have a sure answer at either position going into the season (although there are options) is a precarious #1 pick. I would

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Bill Parcells, Hardass

A lot of coaches have at least an unstated policy that players won’t lose their starting position due to an injury.

And then there’s Cowboys coach Bill Parcells:

“If you get hurt and someone goes in and plays better, you’ve lost your position,” Parcells said “That’s just the way it is.”

The days of Switzer/Gailey/Campo are over in Big D.

Thank goodness.

Parcells and FairbanksAnd just check out the people Parcells has

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Where Was Orlando?

Callie went to a Montrose townhall meeting on the planned Spur 527 reconstruction/rerouting fiasco that is just about upon us, and has a post up about it.

Unsurprisingly, Bill White sounds like a dumbass with nothing to say but “I’m a smart businessman, smarter than all of you idiots whose votes I’d like to buy” (I’m paraphrasing). Michael Berry came across well (will wonders never cease?). Councilman Goldberg was in attendance.

So where was Orlando Sanchez?

Good question.


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Portal Page Update

This little project took a lot more time than I anticipated this evening, but the portal page finally got a needed update.

Okay, right now it’s basically a music page. But for me, it’s a highly useful music page.

I’ll get around to adding some other stuff later.

Site redesigns take time, ya know?!

BTW, while working on the thing, I did discover that one Scott Miller has finally added a Houston date — 3 September at

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Dallas Sucks

In Houston, we’ve long lamented the dynamic duo of Mayor Pothole and Police Chief Crime Lab (finally gone), the Bayou City’s crimefighting tandem. *ahem*

Things sound worse up in Dallas, if Rod Dreher is to be believed:

The latest FBI crime statistics show that Dallas is the most crime-infested big city in the nation. Want to know how bad it is? Read this. We have an incompetent police chief who keeps his job in large part

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