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28 February 2001

Liberal Censorship

I was distressed to read that Paul Greenberg, a pulitzer-winning columnist who is a conservative, was booted from a talk show program on his local NPR station after some liberal big money donors complained about his political views. Yeah, the same holier-than-thou liberals who claim it is a free speech requirement that taxpayers subsidize art that portrays someone defecating on the Virgin Mary also get very upset if conservatives visit "their" taxpayer-supported talk show turf (NPR -- or National People's Radio as I like to call it) and challenge them. I don't always agree with Greenberg, and I rarely agree with the LeftWingNuts that mostly populate NPR, but the marketplace of ideas can sort that out if it is allowed to be efficient. I guess the LeftWingNuts must fear this if they have to resort to censorship of competing ideas!

If you find this upsetting, why not go to KUAR's website and drop them an email? I cc'ed Greenberg on my email to them, and he sent a short but kind thank you, so I know he appreciates the effort, as all proponents of freedom and lovers of ideas should.

UPDATE: Greenberg is back on the air, and his 01 March column indicates that there was quite a negative response (from all over the ideological spectrum) to the station that censored him. In addition, I just received a CYA "form email" from KUAR saying they made a mistake, and they "really" intended all along to reformat the program so that it was clearly an opinion program, at which point they would bring Greenberg back. Whatever. When I think of Arkansas, it makes me thankful I live where I do, even with Lee Brown at the controls.

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