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28 February 2001

Lee Brown's Model City

"See, I really can read. Really!"


"Houston serves as a model for the rest of the nation."

Mayor Lee Brown, 2001 State of the City Address

Perhaps, but only if the nation is Lebanon!

I caught an "encore performance" of Mayor Lee Brown's "State of the City" address on public access tonight. I tried my best, really I did, but I could not make it through the man giving an entire speech. The tortured pronunciation, the inability to read from a teleprompter (some would call it illiteracy), the awkward pauses for applause that never came, the strange phrases such as "The airports are 'happening' too. And in a very big way," all of these things just make it difficult to watch the mayor for more than about 30 seconds of hilarity at a time. After the 30 seconds of laughs at the dumb SOB's expense, then I realize the joke is really on us for electing a man who looks, speaks, and governs like a retarded person.

And related to Lee Brown's assertion that Houston serves as a model for the rest of the nation, I'd be really curious how long it takes the city of New York to fix a damn fire hydrant! In Lee Brown's America (Houston Held Hostage), it takes 49 days. Then there's the intersection of Main and Wheeler, which is taking a bit longer than 49 days. It is truly a model city here, when one of the major intersections just off of downtown has been reduced to GRAVEL and HOLES for months. No joke! A GRAVEL intersection a few blocks from the heart of downtown in the nation's fourth largest city. VERY impressive! A model even! For Lebanon.

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Correct me if I'm wrong--should there be a "Jerry's Kids" or Harris County Psychiatric Center link attached to this "Happ'nin Mayor Brown" entry? Funny!
[Posted by David on 1 March 2001, 02:03 AM CST]

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