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27 February 2001

Jerry's Kids II

For the first time since I abandoned the ten-hour workdays, I had an outstanding workout today. Even though my trips to the gym have not been as regular as I would like, I'm finally rounding back into decent shape. I need not to let things slip again.

This must be the day for people to try to spend my money. I heard Jerry Lewis whining to Congress today that he had never asked the government for money before, "but my kids deserve their share." I have nothing against Jerry's Kids, but I am perplexed that Jerry or his children think that they deserve my money. So far as I can tell, they don't go put in 8 hour days. They don't produce any of my reports. They don't go to see my clients. Perhaps Jerry is suffering from dementia. Perhaps Kevin is suffering from dementia -- I seem to remember Jerry's kids annoying me once before.

I am perplexed as well by Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt. They seem also to think that my money is "their share." Mr. Bush's tax cuts are irresponsible, they say, because they endanger Democratic plans to spend money like drunken sailors. Well, they don't quite say it that way, but the looks on their faces -- not to mention Gephardt's odd problem with facial perspiration -- would seem to indicate as much. And their preoccupation with discrediting Reagan -- even though he was recently named the most popular former Prez -- seems to be a tactical error as well as tasteless. I hope they keep it up!

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