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22 February 2001

Fry's is the Mecca

I paid a successful call on the world's largest oil and gas firm today. It's always nice to go on an appointment that I have set and for which I have been the primary organizer of content. Generally, those sorts of trips ARE successful, because of those little steps to success I pointed out a few days ago (and contrary to the modus operandi of the idiot I mentioned in the same). It was enjoyable.

Because the Houston legal department of the world's largest oil and gas firm is located way north of town near the airport, I discovered that our Fry's Electronics store has finally opened. I happily stopped in after my appointment. That place is the mecca! The prices are not the best (nor the worst), but the place is the size of a wal-mart supercenter, jam packed with computer hardware, software, electronics, consumer appliances, movies, and tapes. It's incredible. I've never seen such a selection of so much cool stuff! I need to go back sometime when I can spent several hours just roaming.

The website got a few planned tweaks tonight. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted a more streamlined look than it had with the clunky frames dividers. In fact, I was sick to death of those frames dividers. Now they're gone. And I've incorporated one of my favorite photos of downtown Houston in the makeover (eliminating it from the opening page, where it was strangely out of place, but I wanted it up somewhere, damnit).

Is the weekend here yet?! Micah rolls into town Saturday and that should be great fun.

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As usual, the site changes are improvements -- The Band digs the smoother, streamlined frames -- and the Houston.jpg adds a subtle personal touch.

Also -- congrats on the new Yamaha; I bought one of their "packaged" receiver/amp combo's about 2 years ago -- it does have some fairly silly if not completely useless features (I suppose you could get in the mood to hear the Guarneri Quartet as they would sound in a stadium....), but I haven't been disappointed. Quality brand. And watching god-forsaken tv is much more enjoyable with the sound routed through the VCR, into the receiver and out of the (old) technics/(new) bose speaker combo. In fact, my *only* complaint about this much-awaited "real" stereo system -- which I put off buying it *forever*, so committed was I to waiting until I could afford to buy a system that was NOT sub-par (and I'm glad I waited) -- is the 5-CD changer that I also bought. I think it's a Technics; looked like it had the right features in the store, but there's w-a-y too much "dead air" between tunes if you're trying to make a tape mix that you program in from the CDs. And the changer is noisy. Live and learn.

Tech note: If I preview a comment and then hit the back arrow to edit, compulsive typographical fool that I am, I no longer lose the post! Yippee!

Diet update: Easily donned a pair of 36"-waist cords this morning which -- 2 months ago -- was completely impossible. Still haven't taken the plunge into Sugarbusters yet -- but happy with the progress so far...........

Stay well -- and have a great weekend.

[Posted by Rune on 23 February 2001, 09:55 AM CST]

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