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21 February 2001

Do INTPs Prefer Shiner Bock?

I am still DRAGGING bigtime today, so much so that I skipped the gym after work. Funny, these cycles I go through. I get extremely run down, then skip the workout that might very well give me a boost.

Unsuccessfully searched a number of places of Mary Cutrufello's debut, self-released cd When to Love and When to Leave earlier. The only one I've been able to locate thus far is on the cd jukebox at Rudyard's. Maybe I'll talk to the Rudyard's booking agent to see if they can help me.

I am perplexed by the seeming obsession that objectivist and post-objectivist types seem to have with personality types. I'm all for the use of language to convey complex ideas -- it does beat pointing and grunting after all -- but reducing my existence to four letters (INTP, for those who are interested) is unappealing. Yes, there are many aspects of the INTP description that fit me to a T, and some that don't. I suppose it's useful to the extent that self-understanding is useful. But I quite often read phrases like "INTPs like myself tend to act this way" or "INTPs don't get along with that type." I suppose by way of description those things might even be true, but I'm somewhat more interested in the explanatory than the descriptive. Maybe that's a trait of INTPs? *shrug* Beats me.

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Those personality tests are always good for a laugh... They gave that thing to my med school class. I wound up with an ISTJ (like it takes a personality test to figure that one out!), along with a quarter of the class... a class I don't seem to fit in with very well. And by this same little test, some of my closest friends are polar opposites of me, or very nearly so. Hmm. I've always wondered, are you supposed to get along better with personalities similar to yours? Or with your opposites? The little I've heard in the way of formal explanations suggests the former; if so, I'm amused, as my experiences seem to suggest otherwise... that, and that damned thing tells me I'm supposed to be punctual. (!) Anyone who knows me knows the fallacy of such a statement! Maybe that kind of test can suggest some trends, but they can't touch on the specifics. I personally find their inconsistences to be the most interesting thing about them...
[Posted by Camille M. Ristroph on 22 February 2001, 12:22 AM CST]

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