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15 February 2001


About a week ago, I had intended to roadtrip to Galveston for Halloween (some of you call it Valentine's Day) and have a nice evening camped out on the beach. Some last-minute, deadline-style editing at work thwarted plans to get out of Houston in time to do that last night, so instead we opted for dinner at Spanish Village, one of those "favorite" restaurants I had mentioned in a previous entry. In the evening during the week, Spanish Village never has an overwhelming crowd, and the same was true last night, on Halloween nonetheless. So on a night when way too many couples were sitting at a restaurant bar waiting an hour for their table despite having made reservations well in advance only to be served substandard food in the place's mad rush to move people in and out like cattle, Callie and I had the best plate of enchiladas on earth, the best frozen margaritas on earth, and our favorite waiter (Pete) taking excellent care of us. Not bad! I still want to do an overnighter in Galveston sometime over the next few days, however -- and have officially begun a LONG weekend by taking today and tomorrow off work.

I've been reading more now that I've abandoned the experiment with the four-day workweek, and catching up on a backlog of stuff. I've run across some odd articles lately, like this one that examines the increasing numbers of people who are having limbs amputated for non-medical reasons. Very strange stuff.

[Posted @ 09:43 AM CST]


That Atlantic Monthly article is the most disturbing thing I have read in a long, long time. And I thought *I* was surrounded by freaks. Or at least I knew that I had graduated with a few of them...
[Posted by Dave Hamby on 15 February 2001, 04:31 PM CST]

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