22 October 2000

"His idiot alert is going off."

--Callie, remarking on unidentified flashing red lights worn by Houston Mayor (and Head Idiot) Lee Brown, as seen on public access television earlier talking about something called the Safe Walker Program (one of his administration's top priorities, he says, perhaps explaining why Houston's roads and other public works remind one of Lebanon)


Westheimer Street Festival

Today, we had an excellent brunch at Cafe Noche (highly recommended by John, and for good reason) and then took in the Westheimer Street Festival in exile.  The festival used to be held on Westheimer near Montrose, but local businesses and homeowners have grown so bitchy over the years about the thing (despite it being an integral part of Montrose culture) that it's now been moved to Allen Parkway.  Actually, the move to Allen Parkway is a fairly good thing, as there is more space for the freak show.  Sadly, the entire affair was not nearly as freaky as one might have hoped.  There were only a few art cars, the political booths were limited to Naderites (the Communists who used to frequent UH were nowhere to be found!), and we only saw two drag queens.  However, since my parents were along, perhaps it was best that it was a "kinder, gentler" festival this time!

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