13 August 2000

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The redesigned website is up.  It still is missing some planned additions (the journal FAQ and the Weblog stuff most notably), but those are coming soon enough.  Everything seems to be working, more or less, although I am sure I will find some problems with internal links despite my best efforts.  The older journal entries don't look quite right in the new format, but these things happen.  I didn't want to go in and do massive edits of old stuff.  Today's work just getting the journal front end set up was more than enough.

And all of this to make it easier for me to carry on about things!  So I will take the opportunity to do just that.

I watched Joe Lieberman making the Sunday talk show rounds today, and couldn't help but think "What a whiny little man."  I'm wondering how the Gore people are going to send this wizened, whiny little aristocrat (for what institution in the United States is more aristocratic than the U.S. Senate?!) who, in less than a week has abandoned every truly moderate position he ever held, out to whine to crowds "They're the old guard, we're the new guard.  They're for BIG OIL and want to starve children and take your grandmother's medicine away from her and make her die, and we are saints (by the end of the convention, considering how far his positions have moved, he may very well believe in saints) because we are Democrats."  I don't honestly know how well that's going to play.  

All humor aside, Lieberman IS a whiny man.  I think Karl Rove and the Bush people have, after early missteps, run a remarkable campaign to this point by being positive and bold.  I think they have correctly assessed that the electorate is ready for leadership.  If Lieberman's performance on the talk shows today is any indicator, I suspect we're going to see a week of whining from the Democrats and Gore is going to take the fear and hate approach for the rest of the campaign (Republicans, contrary to popular media portrayals, do not have a monopoly on this).  If so, the Democrats are liable to lose this election, and lose it in a big way.

That last reminds me.  Bush is running extremely well in polls right now, extraordinarily well.  If the election were held today, he would win an electoral and popular landslide.  I realize the election is far away, but I still wonder why virtually everyone in the media is saying "It's going to be a really close race."  All indications currently are that it will not be!  Now, I too think it will tighten up.  And I think most pundits are confused by a sitting vice-president in good times who is polling so poorly.  But it's a little shocking not to hear a single dissenting voice among the media idiots at least saying "You know what -- this election could turn very badly for the Democrats." So I will say it for them, not as a prediction but as a possibility:  George Bush may very well win a landslide election this fall.  In any case, I don't see it as a foregone conclusion that it's going to be a "close race."  Stay tuned.

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