10 August 2000


ReadingThe Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav




I did not get enough sleep last night and have been sleepy all day.

Susan is in from London, and she, Lance, and I made a potentially excellent sales call today.  We'll see how it turns out, but it went quite nicely.  Also, our group has purchased its own server and said to hell with the slow moving idiots in Denver.  Maybe there is some hope.  Nah... the corporate culture still stinks too badly to retain good and creative people over the long haul.  But maybe the place won't go bankrupt tomorrow!

I had some outstanding blackened catfish tonight at my favorite Cajun joint.  It really is a joint -- a ramshackle bar in a part of town in between the Heights and Montrose (not far from where Billy A-Hole lives -- see my 5 August journal entry).  Not trendy, and certainly not part of the "see and be seen" downtown scene these days.  Just my kind of place.  Aside from the fact that it leaves one smelling like fish and oil afterwards.

I couldn't help myself.  I started playing around with the website redesign tonight.  I would have worked on the dissertation, but I was too damn sleepy, and the webstuff didn't require nearly the thought that would have been required by Charles Beard tonight.  Things aren't going to change nearly as dramatically as I anticipated, actually.  Major improvements and changes to navigation are in the offing, including frames and a rethinking of the design.  Color scheme, fonts, background will remain largely the same.  Why abandon my Dallas Cowboys color scheme with football season so close?!  :)



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