24 June 2000



Last Day in London


Now that I'm finally 100% again, it's the last day.  We tried to make up for lost time today by doing the double decker tour bus so Callie can honestly say she saw all the sights.  It's a poor substitute for really spending time in London, though.   It's a great city, and a wonderful museum city.  I'm disappointed we didn't have more time to take in these things.  And Soho.  And Chinatown.  We just missed so much because I had a damn cold.  Still, we had some great moments together.   And it's so rare we have time completely to ourselves, just for each other, that I'm NOT complaining!

However, I think we'll have to make a trip back during the winter months, much like I did last January, so we can hit the museums and other places like we should.    



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