22 June 2000





I don't think I'm ever going to beat this damn cold! 

Today was our political risk workshop.  Our turnout was the lowest of the three, but the conversation was excellent.  However, the combination of cold, medication, and being tired made me less talkative than at the others.

Susan insisted on taking me for a drink.  I was really too exhausted and sick for it, but what can one do when  a vice president wants to have a drink?  There was some conversation about my work colleague in Houston who has it in for me.  She's almost martyred herself it seems.  I used to feel for her, probably more than anyone in the Houston office.  I have no feelings for her one way or another now.  Her irrational attacks and vendetta against me have ended those.  For me, that's worse than hatred.  It's like a person doesn't even exist.

I'm supposed to meet Celia tonight to ride the Millennium Eye, but I just can't make it.  Celia is a friend I met on my first trip to London in August 1999.  I missed her during my January 2000 trip.  Now I will miss her again.  This sucks.



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