16 June 2000



Counting Crows and Boorish Brits


Today we slept in -- again -- and then went off for some familiar food at the Texas Embassy Cantina.  After being pigs there, it was off to Wembley Arena and the Counting Crows.

The show was not as good as the shows I've seen in the States.  Adam was not at all talkative and didn't seem keen to interact with the crowd.  And who can blame him?!  Other than during the few really popular songs, the crowd just chatted (shouted actually!) with each other and was obnoxious.  I'm not sure why they paid 20 pounds to get in when the boorish asses could have just talked without paying admission at any old pub.  So much for the reputation of Brits as well-mannered.  They were horrible at this particular show.  And the show wasn't that great in return.   Justice, perhaps?

LONG trip back to south Wimbledon now....



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited