15 June 2000



St. Martin in the Fields


The flight was uneventful.  I didn't sleep as much as I would like.  Mark Barbato announced his name several more times.  However, he did a very good job.  Another person who is good at his job.  The flight ran a little late, our taxi driver had my name spelled "Whitehead" and a number of other things slowed us enough to put us into bad traffic getting to south Wimbledon.  CJ let us in and we crashed for several hours at Chalet de Kellas.  Then we went in to Trafalgar Square, where we took in a Bach choral performance at the Church of St. Martin in the Fields after people watching at a coffeeshop for an hour or so.  It was a beautiful performance.

We went back to south Wimbledon for an excellent dinner at Jim Thompson's Flaming Wok (cool place!), after which we headed to the Kellas home.  They got home about the same time, and we proceeded to chat and consume wine until the wee hours.



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited