14 June 2000



Flight to London, Take Two


So much for checking out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as we had thought about.   We slept till noon, went for lunch, repacked, and headed to the airport.  I called Kellas in London, who had gotten my email and seemed amused.  Now we're just waiting to get on the big bird.

People in Cleveland are:  friendly enough, large, very white (no diversity at all!), and seem to like huge portions of bad sugar busters foods if our limited sample is at all accurate.

Our customer service manager on the flight is a young gay Spanish man who has announced quite zealously that he is Mark Barbato and that if we have any problems, to contact him!   He also informs us that we may move about the cabin once "Captain Bryan" has turned off the seatbelt sign.  He also tells us that while our comfort is their concern, the "primary responsibility of the Continental crew is for your safety."  It is impossible to describe the manner in which he said these things.  It's very funny, though.



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited