3 June 2000





There is an excellent radio station here that plays things ranging from the very old KISS song that was just on this morning (I forget the name, but it’s one of their older, lesser known songs -- and yes, I like KISS, and even went to a concert of theirs when I was in the fourth grade) to good alternative music. It’s a nice mix, but it’s a mix of harder stuff rather than the typical "Mix 96.5" playlist.

* * * *

I went and checked out a part of Calgary called Kensington. It’s an interesting area that has quite a few bookstores, coffeshops, pubs, organic food stores, and the like. The walk there took me about thirty minutes, and virtually the entire journey was through a lovely park. The day was superb -- sunny and warm -- which brought out roller bladers (big time!), walkers, a few joggers, dogs, etc. Eventually, I made it to the pub next to the hotel, where Hallmark was already starting his first beer. I managed to join in. This was about 4:30. We eventually had dinner, knocked down a few more beers, and before we knew it, bedtime was upon us. A nice chat with Callie concluded the day.

* * * *

I did find out from Hallmark that the matter I wrote about nearly two months ago in the office -- the matter I thought I resolved unequivocally -- is still festering within the other person involved in the matter, and she has engaged in a bit of a vendetta against me. That’s right -- an office vendetta. She’s been campaigning that I have a bad attitude even! Yeah, that’s right -- ME! The guy who’s the most gregarious, outgoing, quirky, fun person in the office. Granted, I have my bad days, and granted I sometimes have little tantrums (and really that’s all part of entertaining people in the office as well -- a role I play if you will). It’s really unfortunate this woman is being such a bitch about it. I think she may even hate me. I don’t understand.

Actually, though, I think I do understand. I didn’t think this woman was the sort of person who resents the good and productive and confident simply for being those things. But I think she does resent me for those things, and for my integrity. Part of her own problem in the office is that she has been treated like crap to some extent because she won’t stand up for herself. I suppose she resents someone junior who is confident enough not to repeat her own missteps.

In any case, I find all of this distasteful. I told Hallmark that he better tell her to be damn sure she wants to engage in a vendetta. I am not one to hold malice against other people, but people who decide to come after me are another story. If she needs to be destroyed -- professionally, psychologically, and personally -- that can be done, and rather easily. I hope she doesn’t force me to do it. Unlike Gail Wynand, I won’t enjoy it. But the alternative -- letting her succeed -- is not an option.



Copyright (c) 2000, Kevin L. Whited