Hiking complete


How’s that backdrop for a little grilling in the backyard?

Backyard of our cabin in the Ouachitas this weekend, anyway. I WISH it was MY backyard.

The fall colors were spectacular. I’ve never seen the Ouachitas more brilliant, in fact. The photos don’t do it justice. I think this year’s abundant rainfall really made the difference.

Ouachita Hiking

It’s time for another Ouachita hiking weekend, although it’s a more civilized non-backpacking excursion this time.

The fall colors ought to be brilliant this weekend, as the foliage was just starting to turn two weekends ago. There is no Camp Crystal Lake* nearby, so I think it should be a splendid weekend. 馃檪

Here’s wishing everyone a good Halloween weekend — thankfully, the last political weekend until the next cycle gets wound up!

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Another backpacking weekend

Friday will start another backpacking weekend in the Ouachitas.

It looks to get kind of chilly (high 40s). I hope I don’t freeze in the hammock!

Here’s wishing everyone a good weekend. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Sasquatch. 馃檪

Why do this? *

Oh yeah, views like this:


And luxury bedding like this:


My Ouachita backpacking trip wasn’t the longest, and it wasn’t even new territory (I’ve stayed at Red Spring and hiked through the area many times), but it was just what the doctor ordered. The fall foliage hasn’t quite kicked in yet, probably because of high temps and high rainfall (the area was the wettest I’ve ever seen it in October), so I guess I’ll just have to make a few more weekend trips out over the next month.

Given how my football teams performed this weekend, why not? 馃檪

* This being hauling around an uncomfortable pack loaded with food, water, shelter, stove, etc., up and down rough, sometimes rocky terrain for miles.