Summertime, Kid Rock style

Do I risk blowing any music cred I might have ever built up on the little blog by admitting that I think this is a pretty cool song?

Oh well, too bad. I think this is a pretty cool song.

It probably doesn’t hurt that he plays off two pretty good songs in themselves.

Catch Jack Saunders and Rick Poss Sunday

My friend and guitarist extraordinaire Rick Poss will be playing with Jack Saunders at tomorrow’s Houston Press Music Awards Showcase.

They play at 6 pm at Slainte Sunday.

Saunders is an old accomplished hand as Houston’s folk/acoustic/songwriter scene goes, but I’m really looking forward to hearing Rick play (it’s been a while). He’s as smooth and precise as they come on guitar.

Incidentally, Rick’s just finished a solo project of his own. I’m looking forward to giving it a listen.

UPDATE (07-29-2007): Rick sounded as good as ever. And Houston live music attendees were in their usual form, talking over the performance. The more I travel, the more I’m convinced that Houstonians are some of the rudest, most ill-mannered people anywhere.

Also of note: Downtown was overrun with pushy vagrants, but I didn’t see a single cop. That says a lot about the current state of affairs in the city, really.

Austin Collins at the Firehouse

A couple of my friends from the (sadly) defunct Dead End Angels are playing with Austin Collins now.

He’s opening at the Firehouse tonight, so I’m planning on checking it out.

I haven’t ever seen the guy live, and have only heard a few tracks off his CD (well before the revamped rhythm section). I haven’t been seeing very many shows of late. I hope the smoke doesn’t kill us. Blar.

Patrice Pike. Icehouse.

Callie just casually informed me a few minutes ago over drinks at Leon’s Lounge that Patrice Pike is playing the Icehouse tomorrow.

As if the Icehouse draws that sort of talent every day.

Or, ever.