Some thoughts on Biggio, Bagwell, PEDs, the Hall of Fame, and a forgetful Chron columnist…

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The current baseball Hall of Fame voting system is kind of a joke. As an example, Houston isn’t even properly represented by writers who LIVE IN and COVER Houston! Nor are writers part of the mix (even though Alyson Footer has long been a great baseball analyst for

Biggio will eventually get in. Bagwell deserves to, but it may not happen under the current system.

Personally, I like Dan Le Batard’s maneuver. Open the process up a bit more — that cannot possibly be worse than the clown show we have at the moment.

UPDATE: The Le Batard story has a Houston Chronicle angle, and that angle doesn’t make the Chron‘s pitiful little baseball/soccer scribe Jesus Ortiz look too good. This may be the only time you ever see me linking Olbermann, but he’s spot on with this!

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  1. Scott says:

    The anti-gasbag stack I installed on my machine won’t allow Olbermann through.

    I don’t care for LeBetard’s look-at-me ratings-bump maneuver. I don’t care for Deadspin’s cynical-hipster Nick-Denton maneuver. I don’t care for the unneeded BBWAA bashing. It has always been thus.

    Why is this the year to knock down the HoF voting walls? And what walls erected by the Subcommandante LeBetard and the Deadspin cell will be in need of knocking down in 20 years by youngsters shrieking “get out of our way, old man?”

    The single best part of this tempest is where some lop-eared pup boldly stated that any non-unanimous selection of Maddux was outrageous. The Deadspin numbers were reported as non-unanimous (98%, but not unanimous.)

    Ultimately, who cares? Everybody knows the HOF is subjective, everybody accepts that, everybody deals with it. Some are just more grown-up about it. Or not trying to fill six minutes of airtime, like Keith Blowhard McGasbag.

    • Kevin says:

      Goodness, I’m missing my friend Scott Chaffin.

      Hope your seats are the best as our two MLB teams face elimination (or an ALCS series with each other!)