Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

So, put another year in the books.

Since this is a not-quite-yet-abandoned personal blog that’s sometimes also about politics, that requires some sort of personal statement, right?

Damned if I know what that is, except blogging has kind of jumped the shark, hasn’t it?

I had thought the blogging impulse would come back this year, but instead … it was a lot more interesting spending time with actual people (social instead of media?). Grilling (with neighbors and friends). Wine (with neighbors and friends). Travel (50,000 paid miles, another 12k of reward travel, and aiming for roughly the same in 2012). Face-to-face interaction of all sorts. And my nose in the Kindle more (but in the woods much less, which is not so good). And yeah, a bit of social media (okay, probably too much time on twitter) and some home improvement. There’s your 2011. With plenty of (parentheticals)! Woo! (By the way, Parentheticals wouldn’t be a bad blog/tumblr name, wonder if it’s taken?)

Here’s wishing a Happy and Fulfilling 2012 to the folks who may still be following the little blog. I won’t promise there will be lots of blog posts in 2012, but maybe we’ll have the chance to grab a beer or sip some wine or share a campfire or… well, you get the idea. Hope to see ya around!

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  1. Cory Crow says:

    Happy New Year my friend. Hopefully in 2012 we can see you and Callie more than our schedules allowed in the 2nd half of 2011. Wish your dad and Callie’s family a happy 2012 as well.

  2. Chris Elam says:

    Straight up, Whited. Which means you need to get up to Austin soon in 2012.

  3. Marilynn says:

    Happy 2012, Kevin.

    I have noticed that the blogging among you (well, you and Anne, anyway!) has dropped to almost none! Anne is so buried in work, health activities, and (most of all) family stuff, she doesn’t always get her email read! Txt msgs are the next best thing to get her attention! She has discovered that kids don’t get easier as they get older — even after they go off to school somewhere out of town!!

    I think your social, grilling, wine, travel … activities are much more FUN, too!!

    Here’s hoping my 403(b)’s rise some — because that’d mean everyone’s 403(b)’s and 401(k)’s and such would also be rising in value. The first 3 quarters of 2011 were just plain AWFUL (no big secret), but I refuse to say that things couldn’t get worse. I know they could. My son is predicting mucho improvement … and I hope and pray he’s right.

    I’m also hoping and praying for GOOD THINGS to happen on Nov 6th!!

    Onward …